Fishing Guidelines

Fishing on Park District waters requires any angler who is 16 years of age and older to carry
a valid Illinois Sport Fishing License.

Catch and release is strongly encouraged.

1.   Fishing hours coincide with regular park hours. Fishing is available at:

  • Jackson Creek Park
  • Kohlhagen Park
  • Lakeview Estates North Park
  • Lakeview Estates South Park
  • Roy and Dorothy Janssen Park

2.   Each angler is permitted no more than two poles with no more than two hooks or lures attached to each.

3.   Anglers may use minnows, worms, insects, lures, wet flies, dough balls or stink or blood bait. Anglers may not use amphibians, reptiles or crayfish as bait. No person shall dig, scratch or otherwise disturb District property in order to locate or take bait.

4.   For safety purposes, ice fishing is prohibited.

5.   Special regulations may be imposed to improve the structure and abundance of the fish population.

Anglers must adhere to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources “Sport Fishing Regulations.”

These may be found on their website at:

6.   Releasing of fish brought onto Park District Property into Park District water-ways is prohibited.

7.   Fishing is permitted from piers and shorelines, anglers are not permitted on private property.

8.   No person shall bring into, use, float, launch, or navigate any raft, boat, canoe, or other watercraft upon any lake, pond or lagoon in the park system.