Ice Rink – Update as of Monday, January 20

Ice Rink @ Main Park

Update as of Monday, January 20, 2020

One ice rink is OPEN and ready for skating at Main Park.
The rink is for Open Skate and Hockey.

The Ice Rink at Main Park:

  • At this time the District has not determined if the second rink will be completed. The fluctuation of unseasonable warm temperatures had shortened the skating season.
  • When the rink is open, skating is dawn until 9:00 pm. Lights are available between 4:00-9:00 pm.
  • Lights can be powered on by hitting the button on the building located near the parking lot.
  • Skate are your own risk.
  • Outdoor winter recreation is subject to weather conditions. If conditions are unsafe, skating rink will be closed until they become safe again.
  • Rink will not be cleared during snowfall, but when snowfall stops. In cases of heavy snowfall, rink may not be cleared.

Please check back for updates by visiting our Facebook page, check our website or by calling the Park District office at 815-469-9400.