Frankfort Park District Town Hall – Fort Frankfort Update & Video

The video for the Frankfort Park District Town Hall – Fort Frankfort Update 2024 is provided below:

Town Hall Meeting for Fort Frankfort Playground Renovation Update

On Thursday, February 15 Senator Mike Hastings, and Frankfort Park District Board President Mike McCarey hosted a Town Hall meeting about the Fort Frankfort park renovation. There were 70+ attendees for the Town Hall Meeting where they were shown design concepts for the new playground.

Director Hassett expressed that it was important to get resident input on the project to meet the needs of the community. She shared that the funding provided by the DCEO will allow for the Park District to incorporate inclusive play into the design allowing play for all abilities. Inclusive play takes ADA standards considering mobility, sensory and cognitive abilities of the users. Rubber or artificial turf will be used under the play surface and ramps to the play features will be incorporated in the design to allow individuals including children and their care givers easier access to the equipment. Design will consider sensory and communication panels and quiet spaces to allow for inclusive play. The Frankfort Park District does not currently have a playground that is accessible or is considered inclusive design. The Fort Frankfort Playground is at Commissioner Park which is a regional playground for the Park District which is a recreation hub with a splash pad, ballfields, picnic shelters and a dog park.

The existing Fort Frankfort playground was funded by residents and has been maintained by the residents that formed Operation Playground Foundation. Dave McDonald, a founding member of the Foundation shared the Fort Story at the Town Hall meeting. The “Fort” is special as it was built by the Community.

The Park District is currently gathering feedback for the new Fort Frankfort Design from an online survey and will incorporate that feedback into the final design. Once the design is selected, the Park District will go out to bid and construction is anticipated for fall of 2024.

Director Hassett said “the DCEO funding that Senator Hastings secured will allow for the Fort Frankfurt playground to be replaced on schedule. The wood playground equipment is 20+ years old and the wear is becoming noticeable and is impacting maintenance. The Frankfort Park District is restricted by our funding due to a low tax rate and the tax cap. The State DCEO funding is a generous allotment coming back to Frankfort, a nice investment in the community.

The link to the survey is below: