Community Service Award Presentation

On Tuesday, March 8 the Frankfort Park District Board of Commissioners honored members of the community.

Those who were honored were given Community Service Awards for their service on the athletic organizations. The Commissioners of the Frankfort Park District Board were made aware of the Board members after serving many years were retiring from their respective youth athletic organizations. The Park District is a partner with the volunteers who run athletic organizations. The athletic organizations and the Park district provide recreation opportunities to the families of Frankfort.
Commissioner Barz presented the awards and read what the plaque said: Illinois Park & Recreation Association and Illinois Association of Park Districts with the Frankfort Park District present the Community Service Award to you. In Recognition and appreciation of outstanding contributions and unselfish devotion for the advancement of parks, recreation and leisure in the community and the state of Illinois.
The honorees by organization:
Falcons: Greg Ristich, Dale Kalman, Scott Kohler
Falcons/Frankfort Baseball: Todd Knollenberg, Mike McCarey,
Frankfort Baseball: Rob Joyce, Carrie Kramer, John Glennon, Mark Fordon, Mike Bouck
Frankfort Baseball/Falcons/Softball: Vince Adamo
Frankfort Girls Softball: Elmer Gentry, Chris Herder, Kim Herder, Marty Gilboy, Tracey Signore, Jeffrey Kemerer, Ryan Petrow, Carrie Bacha, Jim McFarland