Frankfort Park District – 4th of July Celebration – Cancelled

The annual Fourth of July Celebration is a tradition in Frankfort. To ensure the health of our residents, the Park District is cancelling the 2020 annual 4th of July Celebration. The Park District has been evaluating the ability to hold the event. However, with the current guidelines to reopen the State that include restrictions regarding large social gathering events, the decision has been made to cancel the event.

Public safety is our concern. Given the President’s and Governor’s reopening plan, the large gathering of people at the July 4th event would not be permitted. Staff evaluated options to hold the event at alternative locations and/or with only the fireworks show allowing families to watch from remote locations or their vehicles. However, given the restrictions, safety concerns and costs, it has been decided to hold the show for another time. The costs of the fireworks show annually has been paid for by the Frankfort Park District, Village of Frankfort, Frankfort Chamber, Frankfort Firefighters Foundation and Frankfort Firefighters Local 4338.  The funds that are required for the annual deposit will be utilized towards a show later this year or for 2021 July 4th event.

The Park District understands the most important thing is the safety of our residents. Director Hassett knows this will be a disappointment to many but is hopeful that most people will be understanding of the decision that was made.

The Park District is continuously evaluating the status of the reopening of the State. As permitted, the Park District anticipates resuming programming and special events as permitted.

Gina Hassett
Executive Director