The Founders Community Center is available for weddings, showers, parties, meetings and all of your conference needs.  Our classrooms, gymnasium and Founders Room are perfect for groups of 5-150.  The Founders Room of the Founders Center may be reserved six months prior to the scheduled event.  For more information  call (815) 469-9400.  Click here to download a rental form.

The Founders Community Center offers free WiFi.

Room Rental Fee Non- 
Security Deposit Deposit - Non resident
Founders Room* $60/hour $120/hour $120 $240
Classroom* $20/hour $35/hour $50 $100
Classroom (large) $25/hour $40/hour $50 $100
Gymnasium* $60/hour $120/hour $120 $240
Main Park Pavilion $75/day $150/day $100 $200

Fort Frankfort Pavilion

$50/day $100/day $100 $200
Tent Rental $100/day Residents Only $100 N/A

*2 hour minimum
Please note:  No grilling or liquor allowed at Fort Frankfort

Optional Fees/Equipment Rental

Room Set Up Charges:  $100 flat fee
Room Clean Up Charges: $100 flat fee

A bag of 4 basketballs, 2 volleyballs and 6 dodgeballs can be rented for $10 when renting the Gym.  If the bag of balls is not returned, renters will forfeit their Gym rental security deposit. No charge for use of the kitchen when renting other program space (based on availability).  Security deposits are fully refundable if program space is left clean.  Clean Up fee rate will be applied toward Security Deposit for any additional clean up.

Pavilion Rentals

All pavilions at Commissioners Park and Main Park shall require a permit for use by 10 or more persons.  There must be a minimum of 1 adult per every 10 children.  The maximum number of persons per pavilion shall be 50.  User must complete the Application for Use of Facilities form provided by the Park District and pay fees accordingly.  Rental of a pavilion includes the pavilion ONLY. Rentals do not include playgrounds, ballfields or any other recreational area.  All rules and ordinances of the Park District must be followed and will apply to pavilion users. 

Motorized vehicles of any kind may not be driven by the public on property owned or leased by the Frankfort Park District except on designated roadways.  Only authorized Park District vehicles may be driven in the parks.